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What Are Vibration Plates?

Vibration plates are the latest addition to the workout arsenal. Celebrities and athletes frequently use these plates for their fitness. If you are interested in building muscular strength or losing weight, these vibration plates provide you the best results.

The benefits you will get from this therapy are similar to an hour you spend in the gym doing traditional exercises. The Russian scientists initially used these vibration plates to prevent bone density reduction and muscle atrophy in their cosmonauts.

vibration plate excercises for belly fat
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We have reviewed the 5 best vibration plates available on the market today.

Vibration Plates Reviews

1. LifePro Vibration Plates

If you start on your weight loss program, these plates will help you achieve your goals faster. This machine allows you to perform a variety of exercises and build your muscle strength. With better muscle movement, you will get rid of fat and significantly improve your flexibility and fitness. One of the best features of this machine is, it will allow you to boost your metabolism. 


This will help in disintegrating the unwanted fat and develop a toned body for you. The machine has a compact size, and it’s a perfect addition to your home gym. In addition, its lightweight construction will allow you to store and transport it conveniently. This incredibly user-friendly machine has up to 100 vibration speed settings available. So, you can set the speed according to your fitness goals.

2. Best Choice Products Vibration Plates

These vibration plates are specifically for weight loss and develop your immune system. There are 10 different preset workout programs, and you can use them for different sections of your body. You can control these plates with remote control. So, you don’t have to be an expert in using them. These plates improve your blood circulation and bring your blood pressure down. In addition, you will feel more relaxed and stress-free after the session with these plates.

A small LCD screen on this unit will keep you informed about the current mode and operational status. In addition, there are 99 different vibration speeds for various workouts. The suction pads under these plates will reduce any impact on your flooring and provide you a robust platform for a range of different workouts. There are inbuilt handles on this unit that will allow you to conveniently carry and transport your unit from one place to another.

3. Pinty Vibration Plates

Pinty vibration plates come with a remote control and resistance band. If you are looking for a highly versatile unit, this is it. You can use 99 different vibration speeds for many other workouts for the upper and lower body. These plates conveniently take up to 265 lbs and work great for a range of different body types. It also means that multiple users in your home can use these vibration plates.

Pinty claims that only 10 minutes of workout on this unit is roughly equal to one shoe of jogging, so that it will be a huge time-saver for you. Therefore, you can easily integrate it into your busy life schedule. With a compact design, you can use it at your home and office easily.

4. Advenor Vibration Plates

Advenor comes with loop bands and features a silent motor. So, if you don’t like vibration equipment making any noise, this is the right option for you. There are 99 different speeds, and you can perform all kinds of workouts with various intensity levels according to your fitness goals and requirements.

This machine features 3D vibration with a non-slip grip to provide you the best results. In addition, it comes with a total load capacity of up to 330 lbs, so it works for various body types as well.

5. Eilison FitMax Vibration Plate Exercise Machine.

Eilison is another well-known brand in the vibration equipment world, and their vibration plates are no different either. This unit features a unique acupressure surface, oscillation and pulsations with a 3D whole body motion.

If you are looking for some serious weight loss results, try including these vibration plates in your fitness routine. You can operate it with remote control as the unit is pretty user-friendly. This equipment is indeed the best choice for people dealing with joint pain for a long time.

Vibration Plate vs. Vibration Machine – What’s the Difference

If you are new to vibration equipment, you will notice different types of vibration equipment. The most popular of them all are vibration plates and vibration machines. Both these pieces of equipment work identically. There is not much difference in how you use them or what results they produce. The only difference is, vibration machines are for your entire body. On the other hand, vibration plates are for either the upper body or the lower body.

It means these vibration plates are smaller in size and not for the entire body. Due to their compact design, these machines are easy to store. They also have a smaller footprint and lighter weight than vibration machines. Apart from the physical attributes, and some added features, there are no differences between a vibration machine and a vibration plate.

Why Do You Need a Vibration Plate?

Vibration plates are incredibly beneficial to your health and fitness regime. Plus, these plates aid in alleviating any symptoms that occur due to an indifferent or unhealthy lifestyle. For example, spending a lot of time on the computer or standing in the kitchen or at the workplace can leave you tired and achy. It can also lead to throbbing pain in your back and lower abdomen. You will benefit from using vibrating plates if you use them regularly. Their use will release muscle tension and allow you to stay active throughout the day, and reduce those trigger points.

Another huge benefit and incentive of these vibration plates is the targeted weight loss. You can specifically focus on a particular part of your body and tone it. These vibrations are highly sophisticated. They allow you to target your muscles and get rid of those fat stores, resulting in a toned body.

Is There a Best Time to Use These Vibration Plates?

You might be thinking there is a particular duration to use these vibration plates. So, the best practice is not to use them for long sessions. A 20 to the 30-minutes session is best, and you need to integrate it within your regular workout as well. Why 20 to 30 minutes, you might ask? It is easy to rush through a workout if you are not giving it proper time. So, this time range is a perfect spot.


It will allow you to burn your calories and stay fit at the same time. Of course, you can do it daily, but if not, there is no problem either. You can use it every other day or thrice a week. But make sure you maintain a healthy diet to get faster results. When using your vibration plates, make sure you don’t wear your shoes. This is because you need to be in control of your activity and body. For the best results, hop on your vibration plates without your shoes.


There you have it. The winner of this best vibration plate roundup is the LifePro. These plates come with variable vibration speed, and the unit itself is designed for different body types and workouts. It was a pretty compact design, so storage and transportability are easy. In addition, joint pain, high blood pressure, and a weak immune system will be long gone with these plates in. Vibration plates are becoming trendy for fitness freaks. And this is primarily due to the many benefits these machines have to offer. You only have to make them part of your fitness regime, and these machines will amplify the results you are getting from your regular workout.