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Best Vibration Machine Reviews

Vibration machines are also known as shaking platforms or shaking machines. They use whole-body vibration for forcing your muscle into contraction with reflexivity.


In most cases, people perform push-ups, squats, and crunches on these machines as they are vibrating. The purpose here is to make your muscles work harder with these vibrations. Ultimately, you will end up losing fat, build muscle mass and increase your bone density. You can use them in your local gym or can buy them for your home gym.

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Axis-Plate Whole Body Vibration Platform Training and Exercise Fitness MachineAxis-Plate Vibration Exercise Fitness Machine

  • Item Weight: 66.5 Pounds

  • Material: Alloy Steel

  • Warranty: Not listed

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LifePro Rhythm Viberation Plate Machine - Professional Whole Body Vibration Platform for Home Fitness - Viberation Excersize Machine for Awesome Cardio Workout & Weight LossLifePro Rhythm Viberation Plate Machine

  • Maximum Weight: 330lbs

  • Material: Plastic

  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty

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2000W Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine with MP3 Player (180 Speed Levels Platform)Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine

  • Maximum Weight: 330 lbs

  • Material: Metal and ABS plastic

  • Warranty: ‎1 Year

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Lifepro Vibration Plate Exercise Machine with Waist-Level Handlebar & Magnetic Acupoints - Powerful Arm Fitness & Recovery Vibration Platform & Whole Body Vibration Machine for BeginnersLifepro Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

  • Package Weight: ‎11.86

  • Material: Plastic

  • Warranty: ‎2 Year

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Ps Vibration Plate Exercise Machine, Heavy Duty Recovery Whole Body Vibration Platform 400bl Support for Weight Loss Toning Training Home Gym EquipmentPs Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

  • Maximum Weight: 440 Pounds

  • Material: Plastic

  • Warranty: 1 Year

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Best Vibration Machines Reviewed

1. Axis – Plate Whole Body Vibration Training and fitness machine

This full-body vibration machine will help you increase your muscle strength, and it also helps improve your blood circulation. Therefore, this machine will reduce your blood pressure and improve your overall fitness. In addition to that, it will help you increase your bone density and help your body fight cellulite. Furthermore, it will help you in relaxing your muscles if you work it at a lower intensity. Moreover, your purchase will include an instructional guide. This guide will help you out in case you’re using a vibration trainer for the first time.


There are 10-min workouts and preset programs available in it, and the controls are simple to use. There are 99 different speed settings, 3 programmed workouts along with a manual option. The platform is large measuring over 27 inches long and 29 inches wide providing safe and secure room and comfort. It’s sleek and compact design is good for anywhere use such as the office or a bedroom.

2. Hurtle Standing Vibration Exercise Machine for full body fitness

Here’s another vibration machine for a whole-body workout that you can integrate into your daily exercise routine and get your results faster. It’s a good option if you’re looking for a cardio workout. Hurtle comes with different preset programs, High powered vibrations and dynamic oscillating technology for effective results. Therefore, you can customize your workout adjustment just the way you want it.


The machine is effortless to use and is a great choice for daily use. It features a 2000W motor that operates pretty quietly. It improves your blood circulation and muscle health. Using this machine will also help in improving your bone density. The machine comes with an overall weight capacity of 240 lbs, and it’s pretty powerful. You can conveniently transport your vibration machine, and it comes with caster wheels too making a great machine for home use.

3. LifePro Vibration Machine

LifePro brings its vibration machine, which is designed for whole-body workouts. It’s a great option to use in your home gym and has a professional build. However, if you are looking for a machine designed for recovery and rehab, you should go with this one. Its vibrational modes are quite soft, and they will ensure your muscles and joints get the right amount of blood circulation. This will allow you to strengthen your joints and perform those exercises with more control and better results.


With these machines, you will be able to relieve your acute as well as chronic pain and will be able to move your muscles with greater harmony. You can also monitor your activity and track your progress over some time. Furthermore, you will get assistance from your coach to do all the activities in a technically sound manner.

4. Pinty Vibration Machine

The machine comes with a powerful yet silent motor, and it’s not going to make much noise. It also comes with different preset programs for you to get going, and you can make your program as well. In addition, it is built to last a range of other workouts. Various speed adjustments will allow you to use your machine for different workouts.


This whole-body vibration platform features an MP3 player, and it’s essentially an entertainment hub for you to perform well in your exercise routine.

This machine also has a digital display, and it will let you know about the current status of your machine and works as a fitness tracker. The machines can conveniently take up to 330 lbs, and it provides you with a comfortable space to stand on and perform your activity. 

5. Hurtle Fitness Vibration Machine

The MaxKare Vibration machine has a much more simplistic design. This whole-body trainer comes with a couple of resistance bands. In addition, there are two different modes to help you perform a variety of different exercises.


There are multiple modes, and you can pick one according to your fitness goals. The machine has a compact footprint, and it is convenient to store away when not in use. In addition, the handle that is there on this machine is ergonomic and fully adjustable with different heights.

If you are looking for a budget option, this machine won’t break your wallet.

Benefits of Whole-Body Vibration Machine

We will have some established proof about how beneficial these are in muscle gain and fat loss with time. At the moment, the users of these machines have found them to help achieve their fitness goals. But most users who benefited from these machines mentioned that they were either physically inactive or obese.

Here are some benefits of these vibration machines backed up by some proof.

Weight loss

According to a study conducted in 2019, these machines are effective in weight loss. The study found that the users have experienced a significant fat loss, but the body fat percentage was not very evident in the 6-month study.

It takes longer than six months to show any significant results in body fat percentage. So, you will have to use your vibrations machine for a longer period to get the most out of it.

Reduced blood pressure

As per a study conducted in 2012, these vibration machines do function very well in reducing systolic blood pressure. So, if you can’t go for a high-impact workout, you can undoubtedly use vibration machines to lower your blood pressure and improve circulation.

Better muscle strength

Another study in 2012 found that vibration machines are useful in gaining muscle strength. When you perform your exercises on a vibrating platform, it can certainly increase the amount of work that your muscles have to do. This improves weight loss and muscle gain simultaneously.

Better body composition

A 2016 study found that the users of these machines have a decreased number of skin folds and a reduction in overall body fat. The results of this study put vibration machines right next to the aerobic exercises in terms of efficacy when a proper diet plan is followed.

How to Use a Vibration Machine in the Best Way Possible?

You can use your vibration machine either while sitting, standing, or lying. People use this machine to burn calories while performing exercises on it as it vibrates. You can perform various exercises on this machine, both dynamic and static. Static exercises involve holding a position for a particular period; plank is a good example. On the other hand, dynamic exercises involve body motion like push-ups. Some exercises that you can perform on our vibration machine include crunches, calf raises, squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks.


There is no proven evidence of how effective these vibration machines are, especially if you compare them with other weight loss techniques. They work better if you use them in tendon with your regular exercise, along with a healthy diet. No matter how you are planning to lose weight, your main aim is to consume fewer calories than burning. Therefore, you need to have a slow and steady approach to weight loss if you are looking to get the desired results. Use these vibrations machines to amplify the results of your regular workout and diet plan. When you follow a strict plan and don’t overdo it, you will notice a significant change in your body fat percentage in the long run.

What About the Side Effects?

You might have heard that some users complain about these vibration machines as well. The complaints are primarily regarding knee joint aches and back pains. Some people think that they are at risk of falling from these vibration machines. These people should stick to the exercises where they lie or sit and don’t go for standing exercises.


A study has found that repeated exposure to vibrations may also yield some side effects, including hip, neck, hand, back, and shoulder pain. But the study includes the people who are exposed to vibrations daily and for long working hours. It also means that they are exposed to various other factors like heavy lifting and toxic chemicals. These studies do not specifically consider vibration machines and focus on occupations vibration sources like earth moving equipment, driving delivery vehicles, or using jackhammers.

Apart from that, repeated exposure to these vibrations might also increase the risk of development of:

  • Nerve damage.
  • Digestive problems.
  • Cardiovascular disease.

In most cases, you will be dealing with your vibration machines with a gap of a day or two per week and for only one or two hours.


The best vibration machine of 2022 is the Confidence Vibration Machine. It comes with different vibration speeds and preset modes to use with your regular workout. 

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