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With our lives becoming more and more busy and fast-paced. It’s becoming difficult to catch up with our health requirements. Exercise, especially cardiovascular, is as important as eating food. So, how can we keep fit and healthy with all the necessary exercise?

Peloton TreadmillTreadmills can help you stay fit and healthy without even going outside easily. They can maintain our cardiovascular health and take good care of other health sectors. That’s right. However, they are mostly underestimated, given their health benefits. To say that these treadmills are a necessity of life wouldn’t be wrong.

So, if you are a newbie and don’t know how to buy the right treadmill for your healthy lifestyle requirement, don’t worry. Just consider the below necessary features.

WalkingPad A1 Pro Foldable Under Desk TreadmillWalkingPad A1 Pro Treadmill

  • Motor: Brushless motor

  • Folding: Yes

  • Size: 56.37 * 21.5 * 5in / 1432 * 547 * 129mm

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WalkingPad R2 Walk&Run 2IN1 Foldable TreadmillWalkingPad R2 Treadmill

  • Motor: Brushless motor

  • Folding: Yes

  • Size: 57.1 * 28.3 * 40.6in / 1452 * 720 * 1032mm

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NordicTrack T Series TreadmillsNordicTrack T Series Treadmills

  • Motor: SMART-Response motor

  • Folding: SpaceSaver Design

  • Size: 73.5″D x 36″W x 54″H

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WalkingPad C1 Mini Foldable Walking MachineWalkingPad C1 Walking Machine

  • Motor: Brush motor

  • Folding: Yes

  • Size: 57 * 20.7 * 4.6in / 1449 * 528 * 117mm

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GT L510C Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill Motorized Running MachineGT L510C Easy Electric Treadmill

  • Motor: Vacuum motor

  • Folding: Yes

  • Size: 56.3″L x 25.2″W x 42.1″H

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CITYSPORTS Electric Treadmill WP2 440W Motor, Built-in Bluetooth Speakers, Adjustable Speed, LCD Display & Calorie Counter, Ultra Thin and QuietCITYSPORTS Electric Treadmill

  • Motor: Brushless motor

  • Folding: No

  • Size: 1080*430mm

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Folding Treadmill Electric Motorized Running Machine with Bluetooth, Speakers and 3 Incline OptionsFolding Treadmill Electric Running Machine

  • Motor: Premium vacuum motor

  • Folding: Yes

  • Size: 56.9” x 22.8” x 45.1”

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Classic Style Folding Electric Treadmill Home Gym Motorized Running MachineClassic Style Folding Electric Treadmill

  • Motor: N/A

  • Folding: Yes

  • Size: 55.1L * 23.6W * 43.3H

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What to Look for in a Treadmill?


Running Surface

The running surface of a treadmill plays a vital role in its performance. You must choose the surface size with careful consideration. Since this surface is where you will run or walk. Therefore, ensure it is spacious enough for your body to fit nicely. A small surface may be enough for short people with average weight and size. However, bulky and large people would require a treadmill with a bigger surface.



The treadmill’s motor determines it carries horsepower, which sets the belt rotation speed on the treadmill’s surface. Therefore, if you want your treadmill to run faster with a particular continuous speed, get a machine with a good horsepower speed. You must check about them in detail before purchasing one. There are two types of horsepower available right now. First, the Peak horsepower or peak duty. The other one is continuous horsepower or duty.



The inclining capability of a treadmill makes exercising more exciting and interesting. But it isn’t necessary to have an incline feature in your machine. The machines that have a steep slope backward or downwards are inclined. They only help if you want the running or walking to be rigorous or challenging. Otherwise, a regular or normal treadmill surface design would work best for starters or casual users.



Track speeds can help determine your use for the treadmill machine. Check out the speed ranges below and their benefits to see which one you require:

  • Machines under 5 mph are mostly good for walking and fat burning.
  • Those between 5-10 mph are best suitable for light jogging.
  • A treadmill’s speed range of 10-12 mph is the most common to suffice most user needs.
  • The 12-15 speed range is for more serious or sprint trainers.



Modern treadmills have cushioning beneath them to keep your joints safe and prevent any injury during exercise. The multiple belts on the treadmill running surface area runs over the wooden deck and has 3/4 to 1 inch in size. This deck is placed over the elastomer rubber on the solid steel frame, which is important in the cushioning system. There are different types of cushioning systems the manufacturers’ offer, so make sure to explore them all.


Safety Features

No matter what type of machine you use. Make sure it has solid and easy safety features to prevent any harm. Since treadmills can be dangerous and sometimes lack concentration, even for a short moment, it causes accidents. Therefore, safety features, along with its full and easy access, play a crucial role.


Types of Treadmill

Below are some major types of treadmills available nowadays:


Manual Treadmills

You must use your efforts in manual machines to move onto the treadmill. You need more motivation and willpower to use them as you set the magnetic and load attention yourself. However, these machines are mostly light-weighted and cheaper.


Motorized Treadmills

Motorized or electric treadmills are relatively easier to use. You would not need to put in your efforts to use them as the machine would set the pace of exercise. They operate on electricity and are easy to adjust the speed. These types are less complicated and need a permanent pre-set place in your house for set-up.


Folding Treadmills

The folding treadmills are easier and a relatively friendly option. Especially when you are low on house space, folding treadmills can be an excellent option. These machines have pivoted running up the deck, and are fold able. They take up less space when not in use and even have wheels for moving them.


Curved Treadmills

Curved treadmills mostly have a curved running surface. They have a concave design and are non-motorized. The users would have to strike each footstep propelling the belt to move and work as the treadmill. It is the simplest form and a self-starting form of the treadmill.


Non-Folding Treadmills

These types are non-folding and are sometimes also called full-platform treadmills. Those who mostly use treadmills for running purposes would find these non-folding treadmills more stable and accurate.


Treadmills Surface Types

Check out below some basic types of treadmill surfaces:

  • Rubber flooring surfaces can be the best option if you like to run fast. Since running fast would generally make a lot of noise from the machine. The rubber flooring will help with shock and noise with vibration absorption.
  • The Rubber Matt surfaces are regarded as an enhanced version of Rubber Flooring. They serve the same purpose but are made of high-quality materials and even prevent slipping.
  • The best surface choice is carpeting. It makes the treadmill quieter and prevents slipping, and reduces motion effects.


It shouldn’t be a debate about whether a treadmill would make a difference. They have a serious role in making our lives healthier and fit, especially when we are short on time and space. However, choosing which treadmill can be a serious debate with many different options and features. We would recommend first considering your needs and terms and conditions of usage. Try looking into each choice in detail to see if it is the right fit. Only the right choice of treadmill would help in delivering maximum health benefits.