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I’m Tyler Wilken. I’m an athlete, and a writer. I love CrossFit. I’ve been doing CrossFit since 2008, when it was just starting to gain some traction in my area of California. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to try it out, and now I can’t imagine choosing something else as my workout routine.

The community at my gym is the best part of CrossFit for me—we push each other to be our best selves and support each other through our struggles, even when they’re not just physical ones!

In addition to CrossFit, I also write a little bit about fitness-related things on my my blog exercise equipment guru.

Exercise Equipment Guru

vibration exercise equipmentMission Statement

Exercise equipment Guru strives hard to serve as the leader of reviewing fitness equipment to people worldwide. Our objective is to offer buyers exercise equipment to stay fit and healthy.

We achieve the desired goal by offering reviews about state-of-the-art healthcare equipment. We will provide you with an immediate response regarding your concerns about any equipment.


Exercise Equipment Guru Vision Statement

Exercise equipment Guru started with this concept to develop reviews of the best equipment for users.

We make sure to do complete research, comparisons, and reviews for you to choose the best product. Our vision is to offer you the right choice of exercise equipment such as Vibration Machines, Vibration Plates,   vibration therapy, Assault Bikes and Running Machines or Treadmills.

We are passionate about helping you live longer and healthier with the best equipment. With our guide to the best equipment, you can now attain your fitness goals.

We also have researched the use of these different exercise equipment to help you guide you towards you achieving your fitness and weight loss goals.


Target Market Summary:

vibration exercise equipment

Get the ultimate exercise equipment now by reading the  reviews on this site.  At Exercise Equipment Guru. we understand the hassle and confusion of getting the right equipment that has best match for your goals and objectives.

But the trained experts at Exercise Equipment Guru help you reach an informed decision. We make sure to review all the different types of training equipment so you can make the best decision.

We highlight the equipment for beginners, experts, and rehabs to meet the needs of all buyers.


Core Values:

At Exercise Equipment Guru, our core values are:


Vast Experience in the weight loss and fitness industry:

We have been in this industry for several years, and our extensive experience makes us unique amongst others. We have served individuals seeking to lose weight and maximize their performance and strength.

Not sure which equipment is best? Get in touch with us as we are ready to help you get the best equipment to meet your fitness needs.


Our Top Selection:

At Exercise Equipment Guru, we offer reviews and comparisons about the wide range of top-quality exercise equipment from manufacturers all over the world.

Our selection includes the best equipment ranging from:


1.    Vibration Machine:

Vibration machines are the high-time boosters for users. They are full-body vibrator machines to perform exercises easily.

These machines come with preset programming. The controls in these machines are user-friendly, having compact construction allowing easy storage.


2.    Vibration Plates:

These plates have low-impact vibrations, making them ideal for rehabilitation and recovery. We make sure to offer you a wide range of vibration plates having adjustable speeds based on your needs.

These plates also feature a high-laid capacity for users. Our reviews can help you choose the best product.


3.    Vibration Therapy:

We also offer reviews about portable handheld therapeutic devices. These vibration therapy devices are flexible, handy, and come in cordless designs.

We make sure to help you choose the best lightweight vibration devices with comfortable handling. Vibration therapy comes in various vibration patterns with different speeds.


4. Assault Bikes:

Also referred to as Air Bikes and Fan Bikes. They are a static machine with moving handle bars and pedals attached to a bike somewhat like a Stationery Bike. The users pedals and pull and push the handle bars, the fans gives resistance and makes and intensive cardio workout. This machine is very popular for High Intensive Training (HIIT)



5. Treadmills or Running Machines

Treadmills or commonly referred to as running machines, are a machine that is found in every gym and is probably the most common household exercise equipment. You can get fit and loose weight using these machines.


Why Choose Us?

At Exercise Equipment Guru we have the experts to help you buy the smart equipment. We provide top-notch reviews and comparisons of vibration, fitness equipment and fitness treatment therapies. Our experts at Exercise Equipment Guru have industry knowledge with peer research.

For extensive knowledge, we make sure to offer you ultimate details, in-depth reviews, and much more for all equipment at our center.

We compare features of the equipment equipment from different selling brands. Hence, you can opt for the top-notch equipment and get the perfect value for your money!

At Exercise Equipment Guru, you get training and therapy equipment for beginners, advanced level, and rehab.

Are you new to the fitness world? Reach out to us as we make sure to give you detailed reviews of buying the best vibration equipment machines.

You can choose different machines depending on your purpose and goals and machines you feel are right for you.

We also provide a review on top-notch vibration massagers and therapy equipment, relax your sore muscles and recover bone density and muscle mass.

At Exercise Equipment Guru we also have to buy guides for each of our equipment categories to help you buy the best one.

We make sure to offer you factors that you should consider while making that important buy.

Apart from this, we have a vast collection of blogs that features how and why you should choose this equipment. We make sure to cover health and fitness-related areas for our readers.

If you are interested in knowing about any of these products mentioned on our website, get in touch with us now.

You can also contact us for any queries that you have in mind. Just get in touch with us from the details on our contact page or fill in the contact form!