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Are Treadmills Good For Losing Weight

Treadmill running for weight lossLosing weight is necessary for some people to live a healthy life. There can be a lot of ways to lose weight, but the most effective one is through regular exercise or walking. Since losing weight requires burning more calories than intake. Therefore, the easiest way to do that is through Cardio. Treadmills are a great way to do Cardio which can be either fast walking or running in the form of jogging. Not only would a treadmill effectively help in losing weight safely. But it can help in improving overall cardiovascular health.

Continue reading the below to learn more about using a treadmill for weight loss.


How Can Treadmills Help with Weight Loss?

Some people think eating less or no food the whole day can help you lose weight. However, that isn’t true, but it can have adverse health effects. The Treadmills are considered the most effective machine for safely losing weight or excess body fat.

Losing weight requires daily exercise, either rigorous or in light mode. When we think about losing weight, the first thing that comes to mind is Cardio exercise. Yes, these exercises are the best natural way of losing weight. No one disagrees with the benefits of Cardio exercises to lose weight. 


When we talk about Cardio exercise, walking and jogging are the two main and simple exercises that come into our minds. Both these exercises are safe and recommended by most weight loss experts or doctors. However, any Cardio or exercise should be controlled and monitored to avoid excessive results. 


It’s simple with Cardio; the more you exercise, the more it can help you lose weight by walking, jogging, or any other way. Therefore, we recommend doing Cardio at least five to six times weekly for 4-5 hours.


The treadmills are beneficial for any cardio exercise. They can help with walking and jogging, along with many other functions. However, the most crucial benefit of having a treadmill is convenience. Some people find it difficult to lose weight just because they have to make the extra effort to go outside for exercise. 


Treadmills make it easier for them to do the same exercise at home in less time. They may face unequal terrain tracks when walking or running outside. The treadmill, on the contrary, can support a hurdle-free and smooth surface.


Moreover, any exercise practiced outside can require more energy and effort. Like when walking, the weather conditions, traffic, or other environmental surroundings also can cause problems. Such factors can even bring de motivation after a while.

However, with treadmills, the same activities, when carried out indoors, would consume less physical or mental energy. It would even help regulate the speed of exercises due to variations available in a treadmill and keep things in good flow.



Choosing the Right Treadmill Work Out for Weight Loss

Choosing the right workout would be the next best thing to do with a treadmill. There can be a lot of tips that you can use on a treadmill for different results. Setting the level of intensity can also help. Adopting a light or moderate level of exercise on a treadmill does not work things out for some people.

Therefore, instead of doing light-weighted workouts. Try planning to do intense exercises for longer periods instead of working out for an hour every day at a fixed time. For example, try working out 3-4 times daily for 20-25 mins each time. This can give a better result, especially when you keep on adding more rigorous and intense workout plans from time to time.

Using an incline treadmill would require more energy and focus. Next, choosing a simple and manual treadmill can help. It would require all your efforts and make the workout intense and hard for better results.

Moreover, it is essential to keep monitoring your progress from time to time rather than making it a repetitive routine-based workout. You can add variations and monitor their outcomes for fast and better results. Adjusting the workout time in your daily routine is necessary instead of skipping a workout.


Other Factors to Consider for Weight Loss with a Treadmill

Mostly, it’s not just your workout routine or plan that makes the difference. There are a lot more other factors that contribute to losing or gaining weight. For instance, what would intense weight loss mean if a healthy diet does not support it?

Sometimes, for some people, losing weight requires only eating healthy and quitting junk food. However, when they lose an unhealthy diet, many lose weight even with a little exercise. So, a healthy diet is vital for losing weight.


Carbohydrates, for some people, are the main cause of being fat or over-weighted. Therefore, cutting down smartly and consciously on carbs and unhealthy fats can make a huge difference. Instead, you can look for other healthy foods special for weight loss. Adding these foods to your diet can help a lot.


Next, you can even consult a qualified nutritionist for following a good diet pattern by sharing your workout plan with them. In addition, consistency is as important as the diet and workout itself. If you are not honest with your plan to lose weight and keep skipping the workouts or using diet cheats, the results will not be appealing.


Strength training along with suitable treadmillStrength training along with a suitable treadmill can make results more promising. Try hitting a good gym and hiring a professional trainer to make things work best. Weight training, along with a natural weight loss diet plan, never fails unless you lose your determination with focus.



Using a treadmill for cardio exercises can be an excellent way to burn calories and lose weight. It can make things easier and faster compared to other cardio exercises. However, it would require severe determination and, most importantly, consistency. If you lack at any point, the results will not be as promising as you thought. Moreover, choosing the right treadmill and a professional workout trainer and dietician can also help you lose weight faster and naturally. Lastly, we recommend combining strength training and treadmill cardio for quick results.