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Why Are They Called Assault BikesWhy Are they Called Assault Bikes?

Everyone loves a healthy body. Staying fit can enhance your psychological health, strengthen your bones and muscles, and enhance your capacity to carry out daily tasks. Assault bikes are an immaculate “go-to” exercise equipment, a terrific option to change the movement in your workout if you cannot run or row due to an injury. It is great for burning calories and a fantastic way to improve metabolism and cardiovascular health.


History of Assault Bikes​

Exercise bikes have existed for a while; they help injured people recover, but they soon attract the attention of others to maintain their health.

The Gymnastic, a device that resembled a stationary bicycle, was created in 1796 by inventor Francis Lowndes. The two-wheeled walking device, the draisine, created in 1817 by the German Baron Karl von Drais, was used while standing. The draisine was the predecessor to the bicycle and resembled a scooter. Air Bike for sale

Scotland’s Kirkpatrick Macmillan invented the bicycle in 1839 by adding pedals to a draisine. Although it is unclear who created the stationary bicycle, Exercycle corporate documents indicate that it was created in 1932.

People with movement impairments like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease can exercise on the Theracycle, the next in line.

American chemist Keene Dimick created a stationary bicycle in 1968 and fitted it with electronics to monitor his exercise progress. He and his wife Adele dubbed their invention the “Lifecycle” because they thought it could help people live longer and be physically fit.

Features of Assault BikesFeatures of Assault Bikes


The Assault Bike is the best gear for an intensive training session.

Important features of assault bikes include:

  • Durable steel frame: They have powder-coated steel frames, giving them a streamlined appearance. In addition, regardless of the demanding conditions, the steel material is essential for making them resistant to corrosion and saving them from wear and tear. 
  • Adjustable wheels and seat: Five front-to-back modifications and eleven height variations are available for the seat. In addition, it has four movable leveling feet with a simple adjustment.
  • The equipment includes an LCD panel that lets you keep tabs on many things with seven built-in workout routines that you can monitor, including your pulse rate, RPM, velocity, calories burned, and duration.
  • It provides a free community program app that you may install to participate in group activities, daily exercises, and the chance to compete with other people online.
  • The assault bike has a body weighing less than 45 kg. Thus they are easier to move around. 
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What Is The Point Of An Assault Bike? ​


As assault bikes are in the limelight, they can reap great benefits. 


  • They are simple, even for those without cycling experience. 
  • The assault bike boosts metabolic health and increases endurance. You can improve yourself as a gymnast by building your stamina.
  • The assault bikes encourage muscle growth and body sculpting. With great resistance, they act more like a strong workout.
  • It’s home-friendly equipment. The assault bikes are small in size and can easily accommodate your home.
  • They not only work your entire body but also have a reduced chance of harming yourself because you perform the exercise while seated, lowering the likelihood of joint or thigh pain. 
  • An excellent choice if you want to burn calories more quickly.  

What Is the Difference between an Air Bike and an Assault Bike​


An air bike, often known as a fan bike, is an erect-standing bicycle intended for use as an indoor exercise tool. Of course, they can refer to assault bikes, but they denote a specific brand.

A true piece of equipment, the assault bike has undergone numerous improvements over the last three years. Since they are the hardest working, their use in the CF Games has helped to make them the most eminent air bike in the entire globe.


Assault Bikes Differ From Other Air Bikes In The Following Ways:​

  • When examined closely, the frames varied.
  • The Assault Air Bike’s blade position alters the bike’s resistance level.
  • A nearly identical bike’s calorie counter and other readouts might not be the same on an assault air bike.
  • The Assault Air Bike has undergone extensive testing and upgrades.

Who Created the Assault Bike​

The Providence-based Narragansett Machine Company creates them. Now they are sold by Assault Fitness Company, located in California. It’s a versatile, powerful device that may adjust to your unique fitness objectives, offering various calorie-burning workouts.

How Long Can You Ride An Assault Bike? ​


To boost your endurance level and have the finest workout, you can test these assault bikes. They are undoubtedly a flawless alternative for individuals of all ages.

Fitness trainers can benefit themselves with these assault bikes. Your workouts can be as easy as pulling, dragging, and cycling for twenty minutes at a medium activity. To make your exercise more rigorous, consider switching between high intensity for thirty seconds and low intensity for 90 seconds. A ten-minute maximum metabolic ride counts as a workout in itself. The typical individual may burn 100 calories in around 6 minutes.



Why Is The Assault Bike So Tough

Why Do Assault Bikes Have Fans?​


A fan creates wind resistance. As a result, pedaling becomes tougher the more you push. While you vigorously push and yank the handles to increase strength and speed, your chest, spine, forearms, abs, and obliques work overtime.

How Many Calories Do You Burn On An Assault Bike?

According to how intense your exercise is, you can burn up to 80 calories each minute on it. This is because the push-pull-push motion of the cycle increases the intensity of the activity as you go.



If you’re searching for a convenient, low-impact way to enjoy the advantages of HIT exercises at home, assault bikes are fantastic choices. A better and more enjoyable way to have a cardio workout.

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