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Why Is An Assault Bike So HardWhy Is An Assault Bike So Hard?

The Assault bike performs better than any other training machine for anyone searching for aggressive cardio, LIT, HIT, or another cross-fit exercise as people’s concerns about health and fitness increase. It is the most customizable bike, providing everyone with amazing training possibilities. On the other hand, if you have ever used an assault bike, I’m sure you have wondered why they are so difficult.

The first thing you need to understand is that assault bike differs from regular indoor riding exercise bikes. Your mental and physical stamina will be unusually put to the test.

Top 3 Reasons Why Assault Bikes Are So Hard

An assault bike seems reliable, sturdy, and long-lasting exercise equipment built following the guidelines of hard-training athletes and sportspeople. Therefore, this exercise equipment was created by specialists who are both powerful and strong individuals. Planning to use the assault bike, you know how challenging it can be. Here are a few explanations for why this bike is particularly challenging.

The Heavy-Duty Structure​

Assault bikes are robust and well-built machines. It has a covered, incredibly sturdy steel frame. The bicycle weighs 98.1 pounds measuring around 50.9′′ long, 48.4′′ high, and 23.3′′ broad. Sometimes referred to as the “monster bike” or misery machine” by those who have experienced its difficulties and sturdiness.

Serves As A Complete Body Exercise Bike​

Your whole body’s muscles will be used, so your cardiovascular system will receive sufficient blood flow. You use your full body when riding the assault bike, causing it to be so challenging. The purpose of a cardio workout should be to strengthen and maintain the cardiovascular system.

Use your muscles to get the blood flowing and the pulse going. The extra muscles you use, the more the cardiovascular system must work to keep up with you, the higher your heart rate will be, and the more intense it becomes. Additionally, the upper body, comprising the arms and shoulders, adds additional power as the cardiovascular system is heavily utilized.


How they create resistance and struggle is another factor in explaining why assault bikes are challenging. It has a feature where fast you go, the harder it gets. The assault bikes are basic, and you can use them for a light workout to a challenging one. Everything depends on the person who is using this bike.

Most conventional indoor cycling includes a sturdy flywheel around which the pedals revolve. After being rotated, its flywheel produces very little friction or resistance. As a result, several kinds, such as magnetic or some other mechanisms, prevent the flywheel from spinning and increase the difficulty.

Tips To Survive the Assault Bike​

Tips To Survive the Assault BikeConsider the Height​

Because no one is identical, you shouldn’t push yourself to cycle furiously on an assault bike that doesn’t suit your precise height or specs. Some people are short, and some are tall, so it’s important to choose accordingly.

Adjust Accordingly​

Get on your bike and change the seat height to let one leg extend just beneath your hip, and adapt according to your height. Position the midfoot over the bike’s pedal and adjust your seat accordingly.

Even though you will change the bike height using your midfoot, place the forefoot upon the pedals.

Create Rhythm​

Your goal is to avoid wasting energy through torso cracking in all directions once your bike matches your height. The assault bike’s push-pull-push requirements make it a brutal piece of machinery.

Work Efficiently​

Similar to jogging, the less your torso moves, more energy may release to carry you forward toward the finish line. To “comfortably” push or pull the bike handlebars with little torso rotation, adjust the distance of your seat using the rear adjustment.


How Do You Make Assault Bikes Easier?​

Interval training, like Tabata, is the most efficient way to enhance the talent of riding an assault bike. You work for approximately twenty seconds but then stop for around ten seconds. Continue this cycle for around 8 rounds, taking a rest of 10 seconds. The workout takes four minutes, although you’ll feel your legs are quite heavy.

What Is A Good Speed On An Assault Bike?​

This means one-calorie burns in eight seconds. If a runner keeps their pace at 50 rpm, it takes around 400 seconds to 6.5 minutes to burn around 50 calories and 13 minutes to burn 100 calories at 50 rpm.

Everyone can utilize the assault bike as a fantastic calorie-burning exercise. An average person burns 100 calories in 6 minutes. For a skilled athlete, you can run for 3 minutes and burn 100 calories. Both metabolic conditioning and overall endurance aid by the assault bike.

Why Is The Assault Bike So Tough?​

Unlike other indoor cycling cycles, you can change the resistance level with a simple grip or knob. It uses a fan to create air resistance, which is why it is also eminent as a fan air resistance bike. The more you push or pull the pedal, the more difficult it will be.


In the realm of fitness, the assault bike serves as a remarkable piece of equipment. Although it was specifically for gyms, even home gyms will benefit greatly from having one. If you prefer challenges and rigorous workouts and desire to see improvements in your exercise regimen, the assault bike has the potential to serve as the best choice to help you reach overall fitness objectives.

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