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Is Vibration Therapy a real thingIs Vibration Therapy A Real Thing?

Vibration therapy has grown in popularity over the last few decades due to its safety, efficiency, and performance. While vibration therapy devices may appear novel, it’s one of the oldest ways of rehabilitation. As a result, its benefits have been thoroughly recognized in investigations and research regarding recovery and sports medicine.

Vibration therapy is a physical therapy that uses forced vibration activation on the body to improve treatment efficacy. It treats balance, back pain, neurological problems, and general fitness.

How Does It Work?

whole body vibration machine benefitsVibration treatment is classified into two types: whole-body and targeted.

During whole-body vibration treatment, your therapist will instruct you to stand, sit, or sleep on a device powered by a vibrating platform. They may, for example, guide you to remain in a half-squat posture with your bent knees.

During targeted vibration treatment, your therapist will use a hand-held vibratory device on certain portions of your body. They could put it on your calves or thigh muscles, for example.

The vibrations force your muscles to tense and relax when delivered to your body. Specific vibrations may stimulate the production of osteoblasts in your body. These are the cells that make bone.

The direction and strength of vibrations may influence how effective vibration treatment is. For example, some devices only create vertical vibrations. Others generate down and up, front and back, sideways vibrations. Up and down oscillations are the most efficient in causing fast muscle contractions.

Whole-body and targeted vibration treatment proponents claim a variety of health advantages.

Pain Management

Vibration treatment stimulates muscles and ligaments to boost blood circulation, reducing pain and inflammation and improving joint strength and flexibility. Furthermore, the vibrations operate as a sensory distraction, interrupting pain signals as they travel down the body’s nerve endings to the brain.

Positive Energy Generation

This is due to improved circulation. More oxygen enters your body as blood flow increases and your blood pressure reduces, making you feel more energized. Vibration treatment aids in hormone release that stimulates the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone, and decreases the production of cortisol, the anxiety and stress hormone.


Boost Muscular Strength

In case you didn’t already know, lifting isn’t the only way to develop muscular strength. Whenever you stand on a vibrating plate, your muscles contract 30 – 50 times per second, which builds and grows muscular tissue. It also boosts your balance, mobility, and flexibility.


Improve Bone Density

Vibration Therapy Benefits.According to a study, standing or sitting on a vibrating platform can effectively increase bone mass. Therefore, this is increasingly acknowledged as a realistic option for people who cannot participate in high-intensity exercise.

This is advantageous for the elderly and postmenopausal women who wish to avoid bone loss induced by hormonal changes. It can help individuals of all ages who struggle to work out due to medical problems.


Do Vibration Therapy Work In Weight Loss?

One of the most well-known vibration treatment advantages is its potential to help with weight loss. Because employing a vibration plate increases the intensity of your regular workout, it stimulates your metabolism, causing you to burn fat faster.

Using a vibrating plate develops your muscle fibers, allowing you to expend more energy during your workout. When you spend more energy than you ingest, your body begins to burn fat from its stored fat stores. Consequently, when paired with a balanced diet, the increased energy consumption from a vibration plate will result in a calorie deficit and weight reduction!


Risks Of Vibration Therapy

Vibration treatment might be harmful if the vibrations are too intense. This might result in lumbar injuries and severe back pain. When doing vibration therapy, those with heart problems may have increasing symptoms such as shortness of breath, edema, and exhaustion. Finally, if you have an acute hernia, disc difficulties, or back problems, doing the vibration therapy might cause spine injury.

If you have a pacemaker, do not use the plate since it might cause a heart attack or harm the implant. Patients with thrombosis may throw a clot due to the vibration, resulting in a minor or significant stroke. People suffering from retinal detachment, severe migraines, or malignant tumors should avoid vibration therapy.




How Long Should You Do Vibration Therapy?

Experts recommend performing 10 minutes of WBV every day. The advantages are evident with frequent, cumulative usage. You can gradually increase the frequency of your sessions up to 2-3 times each day.


Is Vibration Therapy Suitable For People With Diabetes?

Vibration training is expected to enhance muscular contraction, improve peripheral blood flow, and boost energy consumption which may assist with diabetes and associated consequences.


Where To Get Or Use A Vibration Machine?

Some exercise clubs and gyms use vibration equipment. You can buy them for home usage from various workout equipment stores.

ConclusionDo vibration machines work

Hence we can say that vibration therapy is a real thing and is beneficial if it is not too strong. We discussed the advantages of vibration therapy and the fact that these devices are readily available to a wide range of individuals. So, each person needs the opportunity to customize their experience with vibration therapy to reap the most benefits.

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