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vibration plate therapyWhat Does Vibration Therapy Do?

Vibration therapy is one of the most helpful and effective ways for fat loss, muscle strength, flexibility, and hormonal balance. The therapy involves a vibrating machine for either one body part or the whole body. The machine produces vibrations in your body for better muscle relaxation and  What does vibration therapy docontraction.

Let’s find out how vibration therapy works and its benefits.

How Does Vibration Therapy Work?

Vibration therapy is a safe yet effective way to cope with various health problems. You can perform it while standing, sitting, or even lying. The therapy is of two types, localized and whole-body therapy.

Localized therapy is excellent for treating a particular area, whereas whole-body type is for overall fitness and well-being. During whole-body vibration therapy, the therapist will use a machine that has a vibrating platform. He may also ask you to stay in a specific position for better results. 

On the other hand, for localized therapy, your therapist will place a handheld vibrating device on the target area of your body. The purpose in both cases is to help your muscles relax and contract properly. Moreover, the blood flow increases, resulting in better and faster healing of specific areas. For pregnant women, it’s better to go for localized vibration therapy. The results will be beneficial for both the mother and the baby.

Vibrating machines can work differently according to the requirements. Some are for vertical vibrations, whereas some produce vibrations that can go up, down, back, and front in your body, and it is the efficient option. Such vibrations are also beneficial for the production of the hormone osteoblast.

Osteoblasts are crucial for bone repair and growth, which means you can achieve bone health with the help of vibration therapy. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Vibration Therapy?

Vibration therapy is not your regular exercise but an option to help your body deal with several issues.

Performing vibration therapy three days a week for about 15 minutes can improve blood flow, promote healing, strengthen bones and muscles, relieve pain and stiffness, and much more. Check out some of its key health benefits below:


Better Bone Health

Even though more studies are needed, vibration therapy has shown some fantastic effects on bone formation and repair in some cases. There is evidence of increased bone density and mass after a few vibration therapy sessions. The intensity of the vibrations must be appropriate for efficient results.


Muscle Strengthvibration therapy for muscle strength

Due to the muscle contractions, the strength gets better with vibration therapy. There might be commendable enhancements. It can have a significant impact on leg muscle strength. A person can have fewer balance and stability issues after therapy, which is common for older adults. Therefore, the therapy can be highly beneficial for aging people with muscle stiffness and flexibility issues. 

As the therapy increases blood flow and helps the body heal, muscle stiffness can be easily relieved. You will notice a decrease in muscle pain while an improvement in flexibility. The vibration in your body causes multiple muscle contractions in just a second. Hence, muscle strength improves, resulting in overall well-being.

Fat Loss

Vibration therapy is known to help with fat loss. Studies have shown impacts on the fat percentage after a specific time. Accompanied by dieting or some other exercises, vibration therapy can be a helpful option for fat burn or weight loss. In some cases, the metabolic rate is also seen to be improved. 

Blood Pressure Control

Patients who underwent vibration therapy showed significant improvement in their blood pressure levels. In addition, there was a notable decrease in the systolic blood pressure level after a few sessions of the therapy. Therefore, the therapy could positively impact arterial stiffness and lower blood pressure in some cases. 

What are the Risks of Vibration Therapy?

Usually, the therapy is safe and beneficial for health issues, but it can badly affect you if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Suffering from severe diabetes
  • Consume blood thinners
  • Have back injuries or other diseases
  • A patient with heart disease

The intensity of the vibrations can make your journey painful and dangerous. Hence it is not performed alone but under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Moreover, if it’s not helping you out or causing pain around your body, take a break. You can try something else if vibration therapy is not working for you; instead of forcing your body to continue.



Vibrating weight loss machine

What Is the Effect of Vibration on Your Body?

The vibrations caused by the device with a vibrating platform aim to increase muscle contraction and relaxation. This way, the body begins self-healing for better strength and flexibility. In addition, such vibrations can help with blood flow and production of the hormone osteoblasts for enhanced bone health.

Can Vibration Therapy Hurt You?

Not really, but if the intensity is too high or you suffer from a back injury, it can cause mild to severe pain around your back. No patient with back injury or pain should go for vibration therapy as it may worsen the condition. Also, if you are pregnant or a diabetic/heart patient, it’s better to avoid vibration therapy.

Does Vibration Help Inflammation?

Vibration therapy helps with muscle contractions which means better flexibility and less stiffness. As a result, muscle inflammation can be relieved. Studies have shown significant impacts of vibration therapy on muscle pain and inflammation. 


If you suffer from muscle stiffness, soreness, pain, or weakness, vibration therapy can be your suitable option. The therapy is also easier for older adults to achieve their fitness goals without doing much. It contributes to the overall well-being if done correctly under proper supervision. It can also help with Parkinson’s disease and bone problems. Even though it needs more research, the therapy benefits various health issues. 

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