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Advenor Vibration PlateIs The Advenor Plate Vibration Machine for You?

Vibration machines are used to lose weight without that much effort. You can use it for a few minutes each day to help you lose weight. They come in all shapes and sizes that vibrate your whole body or a part of it.


Today, we have the Advenor Vibration Plate. This machine is used to vibrate your whole body. Not only does it help reduce your weight, but it also helps while recovering from an injury too.



The Best Features

3D Vibration Platform Machine

The plate is a non-slip vibration plate. It enhances the strength of the user. Not only that, it helps in gaining balance and burns calories when in use. Loop bands are installed on the Advenor platform. This combines the vibration with different exercises to gain balance in the users. The vibration plate exercises for belly fat are suitable to gain balance.

The non-slip plate makes sure that you stay on the machine when exercising. It also ensures no interruption within your exercise, and you can fully concentrate on it.

The robust material used in this vibration platform makes it durable. It can withstand up to 330 pounds weight.


This Vibration Plate Has Many Levels of Adjustable Speeds

Whether you’re a newbie or an amateur in using the vibration platform machines, this one is designed for everyone. The ADVENOR plate vibration machine provides you access to different settings. You can set the vibrating machine according to your needs. If you want to challenge yourself, you can put it on higher levels. Or, if you feel like going easy, the lower levels are made just for you. You can do the vibration plate exercises for beginners.

One more thing about this machine is that it generates no noise when in use. So, even if you do it in the room with anyone sleeping, it won’t interrupt their sleep at all. With this, you’ll have no more babies waking up while you’re exercising at home.


Full Body Wellness and Precise Recovery with the Avenor Plates  

With the ADVENOR plate vibration platform machine, you get a premium experience. It has a powerful motor inside that provides vibrations. These vibrations are stable and equal. Instead of raw vibrations from it, like any other vibration platform machine, you get balanced vibrations. These vibrations help get speedy recovery with the ADVENOR vibration platform machine.

If you have any injury or have a recovery goal, then the different speed options are useful. They help in achieving different recovery goals easily and efficiently.

Don’t worry if you can’t set your mind on a setting or aren’t sure which one is the best for you. This vibration platform machine comes with 5 pre-set levels. Experts carefully select these levels for people who are on the way to recovery. Apart from that, you can set up your custom level for recovery.


This Vibration Plate Has a Remote Control and LED Screen

The ADVENOR has an upgraded design. It has enhanced the convenience with this product too. Now you get full access to this vibration platform machine and control it remotely. That is, with the help of remote control provided with this. It makes changing the vibration level easier.

Another thing that I found remarkable on this vibration platform machine. It is the control panel on the machine itself. Here, you have an LED display available. This has the time/mode feature and the speed display.

Other than that, the control panel gives you access to manually set the time by its buttons. You can power up the vibration platform with its power button. The start and stop buttons start or turn it off. And the speed buttons set the vibration level for you.

If you don’t feel like bending all the way to set it, that’s where the remote control comes in. The remote control has all these functions available.


Avenor Has The Best After-Sales Service

ADVENOR’s hard work doesn’t end when it successfully sells you the Vibration Platform Machine. It’s the other way around. Their real task starts when you buy it. To help you with any bugs or problems you face with their machine, they have 24/7 Customer Service. This team also assures the quality of the product.

It’s not as if they give you a faulty product. Instead, they run more than 20,000 tests to check the comfort and durability of their fitness equipment. This is to ensure you enjoy the vibration plate and loop bands without any risk.

The product comes with a 1-year parts warranty. This builds up trust with the customers that the company is always there to assist them.



  • Perfect for exercising at home.
  • Has a portable design that is easy to store.
  • A great machine at an affordable price.
  • The customer care is helpful and supportive.


  • Some customers reported some parts were missing from the product shipped.
  • It weighs 33 pounds.



The Advenor vibration plate is one of the best vibration plates available. It has vibration levels ranging from 1 to 99. The vibration plate is perfect for weight loss. It has an anti-slip plate that helps you to gain balance even when used at full speed.

Last but not least. It comes with a 1-year warrant

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