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best vibration machine for weight lossDo Vibration Machines Make You Loose Weight?

Weight loss goals can be achieved by living at home also. We can do such weight-loss exercises at home with the help of these vibrating machines. Doing regular exercises on these machines will reshape your body without wasting time.

Manufacturers also claim that the toughest workout of one hour can be done in only 10 minutes on these machines. These machines have been available in the market for quite some time.

Let’s find out if vibration machines really make you lose weight.


How Does a Vibration Platform Work?

The oscillating vibrations from the vibration machines transfer energy into the body tissues, which contracts and relax the muscles. During normal exercises, the contraction and relaxation of the muscles consume energy.

A vibration machine triggers this reaction from the muscles several times in a second. This, in return, increases coordination balance and strengthens the muscles.

Consistently using vibration machines over a long period benefits by increasing muscle mass and controlling blood sugar levels. Vibration machines also improve the balance and reflexes of the body.


How to Use a Vibration Machine

Professionals have recommended that a minimum of 10 to 15mins on a vibrational machine is good. And practicing it at least thrice a week can give visible results. You can stand or lie on the machine’s vibrating platform for more localized pulsation.

A vibrating machine is not difficult to use as you only stand up while the machine is turned on. Just standing up on a vibrating platform will help you lose weight.

You can even perform your normal exercise routine on the machine with the vibrations for a more escalated result. The vibrations and workout increase the fat burning by up to 7 times more.


Does a Vibration Machine Help with Weight Loss?

Yes, vibration machines are becoming an essential part of a good gym. The whole-body vibration helps to improve muscle strength and results in quick fat burning.

Regular exercises on the machine vibration plate let you burn a massive number of calories in a short time and reduce the belly fat.

Over time the stamina for more strenuous workouts also improved. People can do other weight loss exercises like squats while on the machine. A healthy diet along with the use of vibration will give good results.


Vibration Machines for Weight Loss at Any Fitness Level

The machine’s vibration plate is a fitness training system that can increase your weight loss potential by burning 170 calories in just five minutes. Vibrations also improve blood circulation and decrease blood pressure. Better balance and coordination are also productive packages. You can do different postures and exercise with a vibration machine.

Just squatting is a more powerful whole-body exercise. Standing or sitting on a vibration machine will get good results.


The Best Settings on the Vibration Machine for Weight Loss

Focus on individual heart rate for setting the intensity of the vibrations to attain high results. While exercising, the pulse rate should be 60-70% in the starting weeks. The maximum pulse rate should be 70-85%.

To increase the fat-burning process, you will make the routine of 3 workouts per week within 30 minutes each day. The speed and frequency also define the quality of vibrations. The best frequency is 30 and 50 hertz.


How many calories do you burn with a vibration machine?

When standing on a vibration plate, the muscles in the body are contracting and relaxing several times to keep the body stable.

Burning calories is one thing but monitoring them is also important. The amount of energy your body burns depends on the strength and frequency of the vibrations. You can burn 200-500 calories per hour.



Do vibration plates work if you stand on them?

Shaking exercise machine

Just standing on a machine’s vibration plate with your knees slightly bent is an effective way of toning the muscles of your legs. Standing 15-30 minutes at a time thrice a week can offer a wonderful set of advantages.


Can vibration tighten skin?

Staying for 15 minutes on a machine’s vibration plate tighter the muscles and increases the blood circulation level, which can help to tighten the skin.

Vibration tools are the ability to smooth your skin for an anti-aging effect. Vibrations increase collagen production to strengthen the skin, which results in improved fine lines on the skin.



Do vibration machines workVibration machines have taken over the fitness world quite aggressively. It is a good choice for people who wants to lose weight in a shorter period. Getting better results in a shorter period is what makes it popular.

The vibrations are great for releasing the stress of the tight muscles and providing comfort. People with overweight can benefit from these machines and burn a lot of calories. Besides using the vibration machines for workouts, focusing on the diet is also important.

You do not need to go outside to do weight loss exercises. Vibration machines are great devices at gyms and can easily be used at home.

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