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How Long Should You Stay on a Vibration MachineDo Vibration Machines Actually Work?

Vibration machines have been in the market for quite some time now. Initially, they had been used as medical devices. It was to help people recover from sports injuries and bone density losses.

Even for blood circulation, these devices work like a charm. Moreover, they are used by cosmonauts to overcome zero gravity effects. Point is that vibration machines are productive and invaluable equipment.

And their recent discovery as a fitness appliance is groundbreaking. Focusing on whole-body vibrations or localized ones, both are available. These machines are gaining popularity regarding weight loss and workouts.

Muscle building, burning calories, and improved reflexes, many bases are being explored. The results are noticeable at the gyms or home.


How Whole-Body Vibration Machines WorkHow Whole-Body Vibration Machines Work?

Whole Body vibration is a therapy for athletes. They mainly focus on their rehabilitation, especially from injuries. Even for an intense workout, vibration machines are a part of training and workout.

Similarly, they also eradicate soreness after a strenuous training day providing relief and ease. The approach is to transfer energy into the muscles of the body. The oscillations and the vertical vibrations transfer signals into the body tissues. This, in return, increases coordination balance strengthens the tendons and the muscles. In long-term use, it even improves balance and reflexes.


Vibrating Exercise Machine Side Effects

Since the vibrations affect the whole body, sometimes too much exposure can be bad.

Pain in the joints to loss of hearing and vision are all associated with prolonged exposure.

Limiting your workout on a vibration machine to a timed period will benefit you.

You can avoid any side effects at all. Stick to appropriate workouts to gain more and avoid any losses.


Benefits of Vibrational Exercise Machines

Besides being beneficial medically, vibration machines are great weight-loss devices. The tremors running through the body at a certain frequency increase muscle contractions and burn fats. These eventually improve overall muscle mass and strength.


How To Use the Whole-Body Vibration Machine

Professionals have suggested that a minimum of 10 to 15mins on a vibration machine is good. And practicing it at least thrice a week can give noticeable results. You can stand, sit or lay on the machine’s vibrating platform for more localized pulsation.

You can even perform your regular exercise routine on the machine with the vibrations for a more escalated result. The vibrations and the workout increase the fat burning by up to 8 times more.


Can Vibration Machines Enhance Weight Loss?

Yes, most definitely, vibration machines are becoming an essential part of every fine gym. Their focus on added muscle contraction results in quick fat burning. Over time the stamina for more strenuous workouts is also improved.

People even perform their regular exercises with the vibrations on for a more increased number of burning calories. However, the idea should rely on the machine to do the job. A healthy diet and the use of the vibration machine will give appreciable results.


What Are Today’s Vibration Machines Like?

Nowadays, more enhanced, and featured vibration machines are available. They are famous as vibration plates, shaking machines, or even shaking platforms. Different speed levels and different vibration modes variate the machines.

There are various vibrations, and the machines can support one, two, or all types. The better the model, the more appreciative features. Different modes include oscillations, vertical or linear vibrations, and circular ones.

Different modes work on other parts of your body and particular issues. The speed or the frequency also defines the quality of vibrations and the model itself. The higher the frequency, the more the vibrations.




Does the vibration machine burn belly fat?

Besides using the vibration machines for workouts, focusing on your diet is also important. Burning calories is one thing but monitoring them is also important. Regular exercise combined with sessions on vibration machines can make the belly fat burn.


Who should not use a vibration machine?

People with a history of cardiovascular diseases should avoid the plates. Moreover, people with recent surgeries and pregnant women should stay away. Patients with head injuries and epilepsy are not very good candidates either.



Vibration machines have taken over the fitness world quite aggressively. Getting better results in a shorter period is what makes it more widespread. The actual benefit lies in working on it both ways.

Whether you aim for a fitness regime or want to relieve yourself of the stress from a tormenting day. The vibrations are great for releasing the stress from the tight muscles and providing comfort.

On the other hand, they turn out to be excellent weight-loss devices when paired with exercises and muscle toning routines. They are great devices at the gyms and can easily be used at home.


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