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Fitpulse Muscle Gun ReviewsFitpulse Muscle Gun Reviews

Working all day makes your muscles sore, and finding an effective masseur can be a hustle. However, handheld massage rs like the FITPULSE muscle massage gun can greatly help in such circumstances.

You can use it yourself to soothe your muscles after a tiring day. This review will help you understand whether this machine is suitable for you or not.

So, continue reading.

Fitpulse Muscle Gun Features

Fitpulse Comes with a Wide Range of Massage Gun Attachments

The massage gun is used on muscles all over your body. It comes with 17 head attachments. Each attachment provides a different massage experience. Smaller attachments can help you use the massage gun easily and will be less heavy.

For instance, if your neck muscles are sore. You would want to use the massage gun on your neck. For that, you can attach the head to follow the shape of the neck. Similarly, it includes a tool for every muscle.

Convenient attachments reach every muscle in your body and promote blood circulation. This calms the muscle and accelerates your recovery.


Long Battery Life

Most vibration machines require a direct electricity supply for their proper functioning. Therefore, you have to adjust according to the requirements of such devices since you can’t use them wherever you want.

These machines often work just fine, but their batteries end up getting worn out and eventually stop working. In this case, you are left with no choice but to replace the battery with a new one.

Fitpulse muscle massage gun comes with a chargeable battery. The battery has 2550mah fast charging and goes a long time. The massage gun comes with a 1A/25.2V adapter, which helps it get charged quickly.

Once you charge it, you can use it for over 6 hours. You can take it anywhere with you and relax your muscles. This eliminates the limitation of sticking to a place with a direct electricity supply. You can charge it while you sleep.

So, when you come home after a long tiring day of work, all you have to do is turn it on and massage wherever you think is needed.


30 Adjustable Speed Levels

Not all muscles require the same intensity of vibration. Each has its limit and sensitivity, which it can bear. Irregular and wrong intensity can cause more damage instead of recovery. Thus, you have to be a little careful with the speed of the vibration.

Fitpulse muscle massage gun has 30 adjustable speed levels from a very low to 3200 rpm. Use it for a while and get to know about the speed which suits you the best. You can try out different levels for different muscles, and eventually, you will know which speed levels provide the best results.

If you are only experiencing minor pains, you probably do not need to overstimulate your muscles. Massaging it at a slower speed would be more helpful in this case.

But if you are using the massage gun for a daily body massage, you can try higher levels.

So, you are not experiencing discomfort or soreness in your muscle but want to stay fit and healthy. In this case, there is no harm in trying out higher levels of vibration.

Similarly, if you want to relax your muscles after a workout, you should not go overboard with the vibration amplitude. Your muscles do not need more stimulation.

They need smooth blood circulation, which would help them calm down. So, in this case, you need a mild vibration amplitude.

With 30 adjustable speed levels, the Fitpulse muscle massage gun has a multipurpose quality. You can use it as your massager, daily body massager, post-workout massager, and as a muscle relaxer for your pain recovery.


Quiet Operationquiet vibration therapy

One of the primary features of this muscle massage gun is its quiet operation. It comes with the latest technology in noise reduction.

Even with a wide range of speed levels, this massage gun does not produce much sound. However, you can use it at its higher level speed, and the person sitting next to you will be fine.

The main purpose of a massage gun is to provide relaxation to your muscles, and with a noisy sound, it can be highly irritating. But even if you use a Fitpulse muscle massage gun at its maximum speed, it will not exceed 60db.


Always Ready To Use

Fitpulse muscle massage gun is always ready to use and quite travel-friendly. It comes with a carrying case in which you can assemble all of its attachments. It becomes a compact, handy bag, and you can take it anywhere pretty easily. 


Benefits of the Fitpulse Muscle Massage Gun

  • 17 different attachments provide appropriate relaxation for each muscle.
  • The battery is of high quality, which goes a long way.
  • Can be used for 6 hours continuously after charging.
  • Fast charging.
  • 30 adjustable speed levels make it convenient to use.
  • The latest noise cancellation technology provides quite an operation.


Disadvantages of the Fitpulse Muscle Massage Gun

  • It can be a bit heavy.


This massage gun is for people who want a massage or muscle relaxation at home. It is also useful for people with home gyms.

If you do not have time to go out and get your massage done by a professional. You can easily get satisfactory results with this massage gun at home.

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