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Toloco Massage Gun ReviewToloco Massage Gun Review

How delightful would it be to have a personal masseur? Sounds great, right? Presenting the Toloco Massage gun, a personal massager with the best features.

A perfect handheld massager with enhanced features and increased battery life. Try the fantastic Toloco massager with interchangeable parts for high-grade massage and relaxation. Read on to know more as we review the Toloco Massage Gun.

Toloco Massage Gun Features

Battery Life

The Toloco massage gun comes with a 2500 MAH battery. It recharges in about a few hours and gives you a total massage time of at least 20-30mins per day for a week.

The more conveniently you can recharge your massager, the better you can use it. A massage’s battery life also affects its overall performance and efficiency. The batteries can also be easily replaced.

Ease of Use with Led Display

At the bottom of the gun, a flip switch lets you start the led display. This is where the speed and the battery life are shown.

The massager does not start immediately but lets you make the settings. There are 20-speed levels to choose from, and you can set it to your desired speed with the touch-led screen. It goes from mild to fast and amazingly intense speed.

Once you hit the power button, the massager starts working at the displayed speed. You don’t have to speed up from low to high. Instead, you can just set the required speed and continue.

Even when not using the touch power button, it lets you put it away for a while. You may not completely switch off the massager to save battery power.

You can hold the gun comfortably with the silicon handle. It also works as an anti-slip material.


This Massage Gun Has a Collection of Massage Heads

The Toloco massage comes with an exclusive collection of massage heads. There are 10 different heads with particular shapes for particular muscles and joints. Each head targets explicitly a certain muscle area of your body.

  • The round head – Circular vibrations eases pain in the thighs, calves, and back.
  • The Y shaped head– To surround the arm and leg muscles
  • The crescent head – suitable for the broad shoulders
  • The fork shape head – focuses on the neck, spine, and Achilles tendons with double-pointed vibrations
  • The bullet head – Great for directly massaging the pain points or the pressure points. It’s for more centered and directed strokes.
  • The shovel head is great for the softer yet broad abdominal and lower back muscles.
  • The wedge head – for more wide chest, leg, and back muscles with vibrations spreading out in all the directions.
  • The flat head – compatible with all body parts.

Use the different heads for particular and focused massages and get the professional touch.


Toloco Massage Gun Is Portable

The Toloco massage gun comes in a case where you can hold all the accessories and the gun itself. The device fixes in its slot, and some of the heads too have a fixed place to be held in the case. The rest of the massage heads are placed in the mesh net within the case.

The case is also not very hard and heavy to carry, giving you easy mobility. So, carry it off to work or the gym.


Massage Quality

Debatable the most important feature of a massager is its massage quality. The amplitude or the depth at which the massager can provide massages matters.

Toloco handgun massager can penetrate up to 12mm in depth, giving you very intense and most relaxed strokes. The stroke lengths enable the relaxation of stiff muscles and relieve fatigue.

It works as a professional percussive massager with high-frequency vibrations. The deep and effective movements restore your physical vitality and relax your muscle tissues.

It is also very quiet to use, no matter which head you work with.

Toloco has the most variety as far as heads and gears are concerned. It gives the deepest massages, and one can expect high-end results.


Advantages of the Toloco Massage Gun

  • Lightweight – weighs around 2.1lbs
  • 10 Professional Massage Heads – for targeted muscle massages
  • 20-speed levels for different intensity massages
  • Highly accessible with a carry case
  • Easy to use – Led Display for speed and battery life


Disadvantage of the Toloco Massage Gun

  • The battery might need a quick replacement.



If you plan to invest in a good massager, Toloco cannot be overlooked. It is convenient to carry and use. A massager with multiple heads for maximum comfort. And all of the accessories come packed in a carry case—guaranteed results and accessibility all in one.

Highly recommended for people who visit the gym and then ache with exercise-induced pain. It is also beneficial for those who sit up and work for long hours.

No matter how ergonomic your furniture is, you do end up with a stiff neck. Toloco massager gun is the best option as a portable personal massager.

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