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Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform Review

Vibration plate machines are in trend for fitness these days. People are using it all over the world and surprisingly getting good results.

Pinty vibration plate seems too good to be true. This review is an in-depth review of this machine to help you decide whether it can help you or not. 

Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform Reviews

Take Control with LED Screen

The best thing about the Pinty vibration platform is that it comes with an LED screen. It is a bright screen to see your progress during your workout on it. You can see your intensity, time spent, and estimated burnt calories on it. This not only helps you keep moving but also motivates you to do it regularly. Eventually, you become able to see prominent results achieved by consistency.

It also shows you in which program or zone of workout you are in. This helps you stay in the right cardio zone. The LED screen tells you the intensity of vibration you are currently on. It has a very simple use; thus, you can use its features without much effort.

Vibration Plate with Loop Resistance Bands

Pinty vibration plate has resistance bands attached on both sides. You can hold these while standing on it and engage your upper body too. It gives you support while standing on it and is very helpful for vibration plate exercises if you are a beginner.

You can engage your core and arms by stretching the resistance bands and performing different workouts. This makes the vibration plate an easy and most convenient way towards the journey of weight loss.

The vibration of the plate engages your lower body. Meanwhile, resistance bands help you engage your upper body, including arms, chest, and shoulders. The whole body starts to burn its fat. 

Resistance bands are of high-end durable and elastic material. This keeps you safe while using them by eradicating the fear of them breaking apart. If you use the vibration plate and the resistance bands, you will get the most satisfying weight loss results.

Vibration Plate with Little Noise

One of the most exciting and useful features is that a Pinty vibration plate produces little to no noise. This feature is unique because the vibration plate runs on a powerful motor that consumes about 2000W of electricity.

Yet it works quietly, without producing any annoying vibration sounds. This allows you to work out in peace enjoying your music, or even watch TV. You will be able to focus more on your workout and get better results.

This feature is absent in most vibration machines because many moving parts are not assembled tightly. Pinty vibration plates come with strict quality control. This machine would be shaking your whole body yet making no noise at all.

Durable And Sturdy to Bear Heavy Exercise

Pinty vibration plate weight loss machines have an ABS shell for durability and sturdiness. It has the durability to hold up to 265 lbs. One of its primary purposes is to help you lose weight and stay fit. It can bear heavy weight and perform flawlessly.

The plate is of highly sturdy material, which keeps your balance on the machine and stays put.

This machine helps your body process fat almost 30 times faster than running. This means, even 10 minutes on this would help you lose a lot of weight. You can go on for a more extended period without any hesitation as it is strong enough to bear weight and perform continuously.

Customized Workouts And Easy Transport

Pinty vibration machines have different sets of workout options. You can choose the one that suits you. It has a vibration intensity ranging from 1 to 99. You can select how intense you want it to work. It gives a sense of control over your fitness workout, and you choose to do it better every day.

So, it is for a full-body workout which requires it to be heavy itself. It would be a hustle to move a heavy gym machine from one place to the other, but not in this case. It has wheels at the bottom.

You can move it almost anywhere without much effort since it is an indoor gym machine mainly used in houses. The storage might be a problem too. But the size has been finalized after making sure that all sized feet fit perfectly over it.

Advantages of the Pinty Vibration Plate

  • The bright LED screen gives clarity and control.
  • Resistance bands engage your upper body.
  • Vibration intensity can be changed according to the needs.
  • Quiet workout experience.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Keeps your blood regulation steady and healthy.
  • Balanced weight loss all over the body.

Disadvantages of the Pinty Vibration Plate

  • The remote control can feel a little heavy.
  • You may find the LED a little smaller.


This vibration plate is most suitable for you if you want to enhance and intensify your workout at home. It is the best option for people who want to lose weight effectively all over their body, especially belly fat.

Most people want to stay fit but do not have time for extensive workouts or long walks. Ten minutes on this machine every day will give noticeable results. It’s not just for people who want to lose weight but for fitness freaks who have fit bodies but want to stay that way.

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