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Domingo Petrucci Fitness Vibration Platform Machine Review

Vibration machines have become a massive trend these days. One of them is the Domingo Petrucci vibration platform for full-body workouts. Body vibration machine

And it has been very popular among the masses because it produces results for them. But is it the best vibration machine available? Let’s find out with this in-depth analysis of this machine. So, carry on reading.

Domingo Petrucci Fitness Vibration Platform Machine Features 

Preset Programs with LED Monitor

The most impressive feature of this machine is that it comes with 10 different preset programs and a bright LCD monitor to display your current progress.

And that is not all.

This machine also comes with 180 different speed adjustments. It means this machine can provide you with the accurate intensity for your workouts based on your preferences.

In addition to that, the LED monitor is straightforward to operate and can display BMI, progress time, exercise mode, and speed.

Therefore, you can conveniently monitor your entire body workout with this display. In addition, the controls are straightforward to use, and you won’t have to deal with any curves while using this machine.

Resistance Straps

This body vibration machine comes with a couple of resistance straps as well. It means it allows you to work out your arms, chest, and shoulders pretty conveniently. In addition, you can use different positions and speeds to intensify your upper body workout and get the best results according to your requirements.

This is the perfect exercise equipment that you can use daily. In addition, these resistance straps are durable and elastic materials to last for a long time to come. Most vibrations platforms don’t come with durable straps, and users break them after a few weeks.

But that is certainly not the case with this vibration machine. With these straps, you can conveniently engage your upper body section and get the best results from a full-body workout. You’ll also lose weight faster from all sections of your body.

Quiet Operation

One of the primary features of this vibration exercise machine is that it features a powerful motor with a 2000W capacity. And you might be thinking that this machine is going to make a lot of noise while it’s in use!

But that is not the case here because this machine is super quiet while it shakes your entire body. Moreover, you can focus on your music during your exercise as this machine comes with an integrated MP3 player.

Most of the vibration platforms in this category come with powerful motors but are not very quiet in operation. Many moving parts need to be tightly fitted together, and they don’t have that.

This machine is assembled under strict quality control. So despite all the moving parts, it will not make much noise and won’t disturb anyone sitting around while you are working out.

Durable and Sturdy

This vibration machine for weight loss is rated to be used for a maximum load capacity of up to 330 lbs. It means even if you are a bulkier person, you can conveniently use this machine for your daily workout.

This machine is quite sturdy as it is a solid metal frame. In addition, the baseboard that it comes with is finished with premium-quality non-toxic ABS that is anti-skid as well. Therefore, it can hold your weight as you go through your workout routine.

It also means it is more resilient and can stand the test of time even if you use it frequently. Therefore, this is a trusty partner in your home gym. You can rely upon when it comes to upping the workout game and regularly losing your body fat.

Easy Transport

It is a full-body workout vibration machine with a sturdy metal frame and upper body straps. Of course, the machine will weigh a lot. But you don’t have to carry it from one place to another.

This machine features caster wheels right at the bottom so you can conveniently move it from one place to another. However, it will not move easily on carpeted floors, so you need to be careful with that. Storage is another issue because you can’t fold it away under your bed or sofa.

Therefore, it is going to cover some space in your home gym due to its size. But the machine comes with a decent footprint, so it will not cover much floor area and won’t need much space for you to intensify your workout and lose weight fast.

Pros and Cons


  • Large and clear LED monitor to track progress.
  • 10 different preset programs with 180 different speeds.
  • This machine is ideal for you to use daily.
  • You can do upper body workouts with the fitness straps as well.
  • Heavy-duty construction with metal frames.


  • It doesn’t take a lot of space.


This vibration machine is a top choice for anyone with a home gym who wants to intensify their workout and lose weight quickly. The machine is great for daily use and is made of sturdy materials. You can work on your upper body section with those resistance straps as well.

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